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I've been procrastinating way too much! I was supposed to do blog posts for each client/shoot since last year after a consultation with a branding expert. But oh well! Better late than never! Here's my first post about a recent shoot I did earlier this month.

I always enjoyed looking at the SDT scholar's classes because I know one day, these young talents will become professional dancers. Whether they make it big internationally or come back to Singapore after vocational school, we will never know! How exciting!

I noticed Faye during one of my visits because she was standing near the doors and she looked so hardworking! I told myself that one day, I wanted to photograph her.

Fast forward to 2017, I saw on Instagram that she's leaving for Melbourne. So in less than a week, I arranged a shoot with her and was so worried that I'll not be able to get any good shots. It was just so last minute! In case anyone was wondering, Faye is currently attending National Theatre Ballet School in Melbourne.

Whenever I photograph someone, I always have a rough idea or styling direction for them. I wanted a romantic, floral and oriental look for Faye. I knew the perfect Hair and Makeup artist for the job! Claire from The Glow Beauty Bar has the exact style that I envisioned for my shoot. Thankfully we were able to pull everything together in less than a week.

Singapore Ballet & Dance Photography
Singapore Ballet & Dance Photography

This is a before and after shot Faye. I told her to watch the position of her hand in 5th position when she was doing the grand battement. And even when she was checking herself in the glass, she looked really elegant.

Singapore Ballet & Dance Photography
Singapore Ballet & Dance Photography
Singapore Ballet & Dance Photography

Also, thank you Balletlove.co for the beautiful Shanghai Print leotard that looked so amazing on Faye!

Happy Dancing,

♡ Teresa

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